might have to excuse myself tonight, having another wave of sores. two on inside cheek nearly cured but a third on tongue approaching peak growth and hurts like fuck. so bad. can’t even

been having these as a child never got to get rid of them, there have been a few times in my lifetime where i get several months sore-free, had one such privilege early this year but funny enough when mother remarked how i haven’t been getting them i then started getting them again.

it’s an awful curse, at a time alongside the conception of VRs they haven’t gotten much on this. taking some time to scourge online you can find a handful of discussions people gather to talk about the same thing and how awful it is and doctors never get it right most times, it’s a cult, an underground synergy suffering similarly. god bless these sore stricken mouths deprived of a better life.

right, i am excused for tonight


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