there are things i expect the least, but when they happen, they make perfect sense.

she and i are two people a hundred and eighty degrees apart. two people living in parallel, discovered only at a quarter of a century of life. funny things can happen, like how you lose people without much ado, and how you find people with the gravity of colliding planets.

first, it was the eyes. it couldn’t have been anything else. they made me feel like a deer in the headlights, but without the fear i’ve grown to know so well.

her art came next, it was pure soul, it was magic to witness, goddamn.

a little shuffling of papers in the back room and i find myself treading familiar ground, human things, albeit too easily. somehow the vulnerability and humility makes one more endearing. at this point i knew this was danger, and i gotta get out of here. but much like the dying hours of dawn, eloquence won me over, and there she was, bright as the sun.

it’s a shame she’s out of reach.


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